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Shimon Sheves Brief Bio

Israeli businessman Shimon Sheves is the present Chairman at RSLB Partners, which is a company that he co-founded in 2002 to develop a more extensive market in the US for Israeli firms. As well as his vast business knowledge, he developed important business skills as a negotiator and manager when he served in the former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's government as the General Director and the Chief of Staff.


Proven Skills in Business and Political Leadership


While serving as the Chairman of the Golan Economic Development Company in Israel, Shimon Sheves developed and managed important economic policies that turned out to give a vital boon to the expansion of the country's northern communities. With that experience in the public sector under his belt, he went on to work for the nation's Ministry of Defense, during which time he expanded on his hands-on experience as he took on responsibility for Israel's National Infrastructure, Settlements and National Priority Regions. In this capacity he worked on wide scale national projects that included oversight of areas of intensified priority as well as regional settlements. His proven ability to lead and formulate successful political strategies was displayed when Shimon Sheves developed a campaign path that resulted in the Labor Party in Israel being victorious in the national elections for the first time in 25 years. His managerial skills were further confirmed when former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin chose him to be his own personal aide and campaign manager.


Following Yitzhak Rabin's election to the office of prime minister, Shimon Sheves moved into a new position as General Director and also served as that government's Chief of Staff.


Establishment of RSLB


Through a joint venture with three other experienced and well-known Israeli businessmen, Shimon Sheves established RSLB in Washington DC. The company founders sought out their own financing for the venture that opened its doors for business in 2002. Since that time, RSLB has successfully acted as a go-between that connects Israeli companies that are developing projects showing a high degree of potential with businessmen in the US that are able to provide support and funding. Through these connections that encourage joint cooperation, businesses and businessmen work together to put the project on a fast track to success and viability. The company provides a structure that includes defining the appropriate market, managing the operations for the product's development, choosing the correct positioning platform and necessary accounting services. The centralized location of the RSLB headquarters in Washington DC has resulted in strong personal connections with high level governmental officials in the White House,multiple executive divisions, national and state officials and includes important business, community and journalistic connections. RSLB Shimon Shevess range from high-tech to defense, IT and telecommunications companies.


Organizations and Associations


Shimon Sheves maintains connections with international financial organizations and investment committees as well as having served as a board member at the Trade Bank and Israel Aircraft Industry



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